MCM301 Communication Skills Assignment No 1 Solution Fall 2012

Listen the interview of Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf, Imran Khan by famous TV anchor, Sayyed Talat Hussain Naqvi, at this link (http://www.pakfiles.com/watch-show/NDgwNzY=/Live-With-Talat-9th-October-2012) and answer the following questions after the careful listening:
1- Which level of listening Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf, Imran Khan is involved in? Justify your opinion with logical arguments. (7.5marks

Great leader Imran Khan (Guest) in this interview behaves as a protective listener. Syed Talat Hussain (Host) asks some questions about the march and policy against drons attacks with taunting tone. Sir Imran listen Talat’s questions carefully and responding clearly without retaliate. The questions sometimes against the listener’s (Imran Khan) experiences but politicians know that never mind it. Speaker (Talat) becomes Listener and Listener (Imran) Khan become speaker. Sir Imran Khan sometimes listen negative impressions from Talat but the great leader Imran deals it beautifully. In short Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf, Imran Khan is involved in Protective Listening

2- What type of listening Journalist Sayyed Talat Hussain is involved in? Justify your opinion with logical arguments

Syed Talat Hussain (Host) in this interview behaves as a critical listener because he is not in receptive state instead more in questioning. Actually he is in the state of judging. If he (Talat) tunes himself in the level of active listener then he’ll tend to be carried out. Here he wants to evaluate Imran Khan. He is in critical level of listening because he wants to deliver an opinion to the audience and to the current government and leaders. Actually he tries to assess differentiate between facts. He wants to judge whether he (Imran) is right or wrong and where he says true and he says false. He is very careful to analyze the Imran Khan’s opinion and each and every word about the crucial and serious matter that Imran Khan saying. He is going make critical analysis about Imran’s opinion so here the more focus on the contents. So dear sir I reach at the conclusion that Syed Talat Hussain is a critical type of listener