MCM301 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 10 Feb 2012

Q69 marks 5
To write a successful resume u need to convey seven qualities that exployers seek. List down these qualities:

To write a successful résumé seven qualities are needed that employers seek are as follows:

Familiar with how to do the thing.
Good communication skills
Well rounded
Innovative to experience new things or ideas and flexible
Think about the results
Personally have some standards for excellence and distinction.
7.Shows progress
Q-68 marks 5
What do u know about indirect-inquiry letters?
Indirect-inquiry letters are used to ask for general information. Indirect-inquiry letter cannot be used for one or more specific questions, it is used when
someone need general information. It opening is less specific than direct-inquiry letters. The opening of the indirect letter should not be that much general
that recipient will face difficulty while responding.

Q-67 marks 5
What is the right way to write a refusal of refund? Explain with examples.
Refusal of refund should keep the words which makes able the reader to understand the reason for refusal without anger.
If a customer sent back the purchased dress due to disliking or fitting problem and asking for refund. Company get known that customer wear the dress by
seeing the stains on it.A company can write a refusal letter by
Giving the explanation: about the dress returned date etc
Alternate solutions or benefits. By acknowledging the problem and using soft wording to serve the customer. Telling about no resale value due to stain, and
offering alternate vouchers.
Good restraint or no anger- Offer to alter the dress
Friendly and helping ending or goodwill at the end- Come and let us serve you to the best.

Q-66 marks 5

People in different cultures require different amounts of physical distance for communication. Explain
People may be negatively affected by too much or too little space between them.

1.5 feet is considered as a normal distance for good communication. Decreasing this distance can confuse or nervous the audience or listener.
For close contacts_ 1.5-4.0 feet allowed
For business transactions- 4.0-12.0 feet allowed
Formal communication- beyond 12 feet

Q-65 marks3
What is the suggested plan for writing a sales letter?
*Create a section which establishes the reader desire and assurance
*Section should be made about the selling product which appeals and gets the customers’ interest.
*Attractive starting to grasp the attention of reader.
*Ends with well-mannered and polite wordings.

Q-64 marks 3
How can we make disappointing or bad news messages effective?

Using or adopting the tone which centered the audience, by which audience can also agree himself/herself.
Use direct or indirect approach for the message in order to meet the reader’s need and expectations.

Q63 marks 3
What do u understand by an order letter?
When purchase or blank orders are not available an order letter is prepared for ordering merchandise. It has three main components.

Information about items ordered.
Shipping location and details
Mode or method of payment