MCM301 Final paper 23 February 2013

What are the common mistakes usually made while writing persuasive messages ? 3 marks

Sometimes you must do more than answering the customers’ specific questions in order to achieve completeness in writing for the effective communication. Discuss with the help of an example. 5 marks

Elaborate through examples how disability bias can be avoided in a courteous writing? 5 marks

An essential to make a good speech is to first understand the nature of audience. Do you agree? Give arguments. 5 marks

Discuss the advantages of memorandum or memos 5 marks

Discuss the content components of order letters.  3 marks

How can we make disappointing or bad news messages effective? 3 marks

What do you understand by direct-request letters?  3 marks

Another Paper:

Effect of pitch in oral communication?(5)
Planning stage of effective business writing?5
forms of groups explain in detail?5
Use of direct or indirect approach in refusing someone you know?5
Guidelines of job rejection lettter?3
Mistakes that we do in persuading message?3
What ismeant by direct request letters?3