MCM304 Assignment solution July 2013

The news casters always used to focus on the language and content. Their voice quality and literary language always used to build a strong image in the mind of viewers. But currently newscasters are using teasing statements and sizzling headlines in the news bulletins just to attract the target masses. Is it justified to guide the public in such mocking and scorching way? Discuss and justify your answer with the help of arguments.

Solution: It is not justifed to mock to target masses. New Caster should

  • Always clearly identify yourself as a reporter whenever you’re interviewing someone. Never try to deceive or mislead anyone.
  • Always make it clear to people you’re interviewing that you’re writing an article that could be published.
  • Always be polite and courteous with people you’re interviewing, even if they are not.
  • Never get into verbal or physical confrontations with people you’re interviewing. If someone you’re interviewing becomes agitated or threatening, leave immediately.
  • Never state your opinions or inject yourself into any event you cover, such as protests, rallies or public comment forums. As a reporter you’re there as a professional observer, not a participant.

Code of Conduct for Dunya News