MCM310 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Writing is a source of communication. It gives you an opportunity to think and view things from different perspectives. Journalistic writing is no doubt a specific kind of writing in which your choice of words or language is very much sophisticated and formal, in other words journalistic. While the new media, i-e Blogs, is also emerging day by day and getting popular among masses. Even newspaper had started blogging at their official websites.

According to your opinion, how much blogging is different from our traditional journalistic writing? Logically discuss with examples. Also discuss what are the difference between a News story and a Blog?


For the most part, blogging is not journalism. That’s my response to the longstanding debate about whether bloggers are journalists. Bloggers who don’t apply good standards of journalism shouldn’t be offered the same privileges as journalists. Similarly, journalists who fail to apply the same good standards should be stripped of privileges and prestige.

The basic principle is this: There are at least two sides to any story, usually more. Real journalists present all sides of a story, using multiple sources for balance and doing original reporting wherever possible. A quick survey of blogs reveals that many bloggers reporting news generally offer one side of the story. This one-sided difference is partly responsible for the Web being polluted by gossip, rumor and innuendo posing as news.

Blogging Different from our traditional journalistic writing

The job of a blogger and journalist is to write, but a blogger can write on something, sharing his thoughts and ideas online while a journalist has to do much more than just write a news story. He needs to investigate thoroughly, come up with the right facts and also at the same time remain unbiased. Clearly, the job of a journalist is more challenging. Must say, a thought-provoking post.

Difference between a News story and a Blog

An article is generally written from a factual point of view, whereas a blog post is generally written from a personal point of view, or in a less formal style.

Because of the cultural difference between articles and blogs, people have an expectation that they can comment on blogs, which is far less strong on articles.

A news article is a report on an event and a blog is written by someone who reports the news on the internet.