MCM310 Journalistic Writing GDB Solution Fall 2013

Expository writing has been used to explain, describe and inform. The author of an expository writing can not assume that the reader or listener has prior knowledge or prior understanding of the topic that is being discussed. The author uses those words that clearly show what they are talking about rather then deliberately telling the reader what is being discussed.

Do you think that expository writing is an effective way of inculcating political ideology among nation regarding their party? Discuss your stance with the help of real time example.

Solution: Expository writing is writing that explains a concept or idea. You will most often use this writing style when you are writing research papers, process essays, definition essays, and technical instruction manuals. An expository essay might explain the steps that are needed in order to achieve a particular goal, such as applying for a job, or it might teach a skill, such as how to perform an Internet search for health information. Every Essay has three major steps, Introduction, Body and finally conclusion.