MCM311 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 08 Feb 2012

1. If you are going to intervewis CM, what two question you will ask. 3 marks
2. news are everywhere a journalist has to be a good observer discuss about it. 3 marks.
3. write three adverse effects of indian shows on pakistani society. 3 marks
4. How to develop attractive newspaper pages. list three important considerations.3 marks
5. you bring news which is interesting and other channel has already shown it, now what consequences and treatment your editor will give to yoru news. 5marks.

6. asif zaheer is a BS mass com student in his final year. he lacks quick decision skills. and he wants to be a good reporter in a reputed news channel. list

any 5 tips you would like to give him to become a good reporter.
7. you receive story about eid celebration in your city. mention atleast 5 activities in which you will perform to give final shape to the story.
8. why users are not visiting your IT Products shopping website?
(wording is little bit changed, MCQs were all like situation given and choose what you will do, overall was 60% easy)