MCM401 GDB Solution Spring 2013

Consider yourself a working practitioner of a PR department in any organization, which lacks the interaction among employees and employers. Your task is to interact with the employees of the organization.

Discuss that which technique would you use and what will be the purpose to interact with them?


Smooth interaction between employer and employees can improve company’s productivity and profitability. Success in a business is easy to attain if all workforce, from top to bottom are getting along well. Below are tips on how to improve communication, interaction and relationship between employer and employees:

  • Give your employees incentives as a way to motivate them. With incentives, their spirits and morale will be lifted as they will be inspired to work harder to get the incentive.
  • If the company is performing at its best, treat all your employees for a job well done. A dinner for the whole workforce will do or you can give them all an equal chance to win a trip for two. Showing your employees that you appreciate their hard work can motivate them even more to work at their best.
  • Make all your employees feel that they are all important in the success of the business. If you have time, talk with each one of them about their job functions. Know what is in their minds and find out if they are happy with their work. Talking with them is a good bonding and you get to know them all better.
  • Meet all your managers and instruct them to closely monitor their team’s performances and to immediately act and come up with solutions in case some problems might arise.
  • Organize a party or gathering in your house and invite all your employees.  Let them all enjoy the good foods that you and your spouse prepared especially for them. Just a simple get together in a non formal way. This is good for small businesses only.
  • Organize a team building activity and make sure that everyone is present without exception.  Let them all undergo various activities that are focused on trust and team building. This activity is essential to enhance their skills and effectiveness when working as a team effort.