MCM511 Theories of Communication Assignment Solution Fall 2012

Pakistani media is not promoting positive things; it is only projecting negative things. Its news media is just showing politicians and what bad is happening in the politics. Pakistani TV channels are making fun of its sports stars and politicians. It is showing images of violence, bomb blasts, terrorism, suicides, corruption and crime.


1. Early debate in the mass media studies has been emphasizing the magic bullet effects of the media. If we assume such strong effects of media, then what do you think that what sort of affects such negative coverage would have on the national and international level. (7.5marks)

No doubt that media is an important pillar of any state. Media of any country defended their country and portrays a positive image of that state in the world. Pakistani media get into action in the president-ship of PERVEZ MUSHARRAF. This credit goes to him but he did not provide the true guideline to them and faced a lot of problems.

Yes, we agree that our leadership had done nothing to portray a positive image in the world. Everyone has two images one is good and the other is bad. It’s our media responsibility to highlight the good work done by the governance as well. Many investors are afraid of to invest in Pakistan, just because of the bad image portrayed by the media. The atmosphere is not as much dangerous as it is portrayed by them. Some of the channels are not reporting the true facts as they observe. They adopt Indian techniques for casting and reporting news. Now the talk shows are also planted, recently one of the best example is the program “KHARI BAAT” where Mubashir Lucman and Mehar Bukhari hosted the program with Malik Riaz. Now that show was planted. The question which I want to raise is that media criticizes everyone, But who will criticize media and how? PEMRA has the authority to control media but if any program is banned by PEMRA then their channels are blaming to government and try to misguide the nation.

One and most important issue which I want to know why our media is promoting Indian culture and mostly Bollywood. I have never seen on news channels that entertainment segment promote our dramas instead of promoting Indian films related to their actors, actresses, their affairs, their birthdays and as well as their burial ceremony. It is very surprisingly noted that even our drama channels are also playing Indian dramas. Our cable operators shows Star plus and Sony etc.

We are expecting from our youth to bring a real change in Pakistan. It seems to be foolish to think like this. Our youth knows more about Bollywood stars like SHAHRUKH KHAN, AMITAB BACHAN, KAREENA KAPOOR etc and their dialogues too, but If we ask the questions from our youth related to legends of Pakistan for example.
Share any comedy scene of MOEEN AKHTAR.
Then our youth will feel shame to answer, our media is not highlighting the Pakistani celebrities as they have been hijacked by Indian media and they are showing Indian culture and traditions on their channels. For about 90% our media is responsible for all that is happening.

Pakistani media now deserves a most severe and painful accountability. More severe than that deserved by TTP and BLA. The ideological terrorism and mass subversion committed by media is more lethal, destructive and devastating to the society and state than a single bombers. A nation can survive all the death and destruction if its values, ideology and vision remains intact. Once the ideology is gone, values are shattered, vision is blurred and direction is lost, then the nation is only a herd of animals waiting to be annihilated by the enemies from the outside. This is the role of our media — to prepare this nation for annihilation by the hostile external enemies. This is unforgivable sin for which the punishment would only be of high treason! Very soon Inshallah the saboteurs in Pak media will face courts for their shameless treason. No mercy now.

journalist community should also be held accountable as well. Why these journalists can blast any politician just for a single sentence said in the past and blackmail or downgrade them. These are the terrorists in their own way. They make and break the govts.  not talking here about all the journalists.  respect many new faces and especially the mainstream anchors, who I believe ( i hope i am right ) are sincere and corruption free.  the old  in this field who have been ruling the print media (unlike electronic media) for decades.glad that the people have started questioning them as well. The journalists want the politicians and generals to be transparent and sincere but at the same time don’t apply these golden rules when it comes to their own community.


Every analyst and viewer is entitled to his own opinion, but nobody is entitled to his own facts. News programmes do not have to be dry and boring, but there is a line between entertainment and incitement that should not be crossed. As journalists, we should have an honest debate about this and determine where that line is drawn. If we do not, it may be someone else that decides for us.

meadia spread fear-breaking news a bomb blast in college canteen it was only a gas blast and a major giving breaking news there is bomb blast in college canteen.

it was good entertainment and some informative but as far as role of present day media is concerned that is not positive as it creates hype and thrill even when there is no substance in a news. Media declare every alleged person as guilty without caring that one is innocent till found guilty. Some of the anchors are biased as well and are not fair in their comments.Pakistani media is MOST destructive media i even seen. u r right media show what is happening in real life BUT i always says media show half pic of truth. can u tell me

1. y our media NEVER promote good aspects of our society
2. y pak media present corrupt ppl as hero rather than condemning it
3. y media blame islam for our shortcoming however western media NEVER ever criticize Christianity for their wrong doing
4 pak is most beautiful country in world but y our whole media dont have a single pgm to show world natural beauty of pak

Our identity is Pakistan – it has been like this since its formation and will remain till the end of times – there is no substitute.

2. How do you think that news media of Pakistan can play a significant role in its perception management in the international arena and psychological well-being of its citizens? Give your ideas and suggestions in this regard. (7.5marks)

• The common man gets the latest news within a fraction of seconds. The distance is not at all a barrier now. The news they get through media help them in their daily life a lot.
• The media helps common people to exchange information and it acts as a common platform. The public get knowledge and awake to raise questions, on seeing the news in newspaper and TV.
• The media helps to bring out the hidden talents of the people. The children learn many good things through media.
• By reading newspaper, the children learn many things, their reading habit increases and their vocabulary enhances by learning new words. Their knowledge increases by watching geographical channel, quiz programs and speeches by famous personalities of different fields.
• The cartoon channels make the children happy.
• The games increase their logical thinking power and grasping of things. The attitude, approach and behavior of the common people will also change, when exposed to media.
• The media conducts polls and let public to take part in social issues. Through blogging in the internet and writing letters to the editor in newspapers, many people give voice about their opinion in different political and social matters