MCM515 Radio News Reporting and Production Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014


Planning and production are key parts when designing a program for any medium of communication. Producer has to be on the active end to make each and every part of the program as per the demands of the listeners.


Dear students, suppose you have to conduct an interview from the chairman cricket board, Mr. Najam Sethi after World cup T20, 2014.

Q. Your assignment is to design an interview program, consider the main points given below and elaborate them.

 Motive of the program (why this program?) (Marks: 03)

To Discuss Performance of Pakistan Team in Worldcup
 Research of Target Audience (Marks: 02)

Program conducted for Cricket Lovers

 Content of the program. Give at least seven questions that you will ask from the interviewee. (Marks: 07)

1. Team Selection

2. Fielding

3. Top order batting

4. bowling

5. Captaincy

6. Young Players recruitment

 Duration of the Program (Marks: 01)

The duration of the program will be 1 hour.

 Feedback/interactivity (Marks: 02)