MGMT611 GDB Solution Spring 2012

Mr. Hanan is working as an HR director in a multicultural organization. A large number of employees of the organization belong to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. HR department has received many complaints from employees of different departments that few supervisors prefer the employees of their own country for availing opportunities and resources. This biased situation is creating dissatisfaction among all employees. To find out the real picture, the HR director has decided to conduct a survey regarding the job satisfaction of employees. After conducting an HR survey, he became aware of the fact that ethnocentrism factor is prevailing in the organization which is creating job dissatisfaction among employees. In addition, it can prove to be a great hurdle in increasing productivity and future performance of the organization.
You are required to suggest some approaches appropriate to cope with this cross cultural barrier existing in the organization? Support your answer with appropriate justifications.


Strategies to improve cross-cultural relations:
Here we take a systematic look at approaches people can use on their own along with training programs
designed to improve cross-cultural relations.
A. Develop Cultural Sensitivity
B. Focus on Individuals Rather than Groups
C. Respect all Workers and Cultures
D. Value Cultural Differences
E. Minimize Cultural Bloopers/embarrassments
F. Participate in Cultural Training
G. Foreign language training
H. Diversity training