MGMT611 Human Relations Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012

Few weeks back, I had the opportunity to travel with a Mechanical Engineer from Islamabad, named Saima. Initially, I found her a professional engineer but later I realized she has been living the dreams of her parents. Here is the story of Saima in her own words:
During my adolescence, I always idealized my friend’s father who was a famous Architect. I wished to be an Architect too. After my matriculation, I was perplexed about my career selection because my father wanted me to be in the field of engineering. He had this idea that engineering generates a lot of money and it is the ultimate happiness. Most girls in the family opted for engineering so he assumed that I would be happy too with this field. But I was never interested in playing with machines. But he made me realized that once I would jump into engineering field than everything else would be sorted out automatically.
I was more interested in designing and construction side. I was good at drawing and observation but my father never encouraged me to become an Architect. I could not hear my inner voice due to my father’s suppression regarding career selection, so, I took admission in engineering sciences. At that point, I thought that might be engineering is my field as my father knows my strengths and weaknesses so he may better judge me.
During studies, our professors took us for educational tours of various famous engineering universities. I never took interest in engineering stuff rather observed the architecture of the universities and other designing stuff. On my way back to home, I used to draw buildings and giving creativity touches to my drawing. Using various other soft wares, I was on a constant move of developing a unique infrastructure.
My strategy for choosing the career was listening to my father’s dreams and fulfilling his wishes. So, I focused on my goal. But with time I realized my lack of interest in scientific solutions.
Today, I am a Mechanical Engineer but I am ready to switch my working field. I wonder that why I never heard my inner voice…
1. Saima has proved that certain career myths are not always real. After a careful analysis of the case, what do you think which career myths has she ascertained? 10 marks


MYTH: “There is only ONE career for me.”.

MYTH: “If I choose a major or a career, I’ll be stuck with it forever.”
FACT: Most majors prepare you for a variety of careers. When you combine the skills you’ll learn in your major with others you’ll gain from full-time work, internships, and other activities, you’ll have the ability to move in a variety of directions. Most people have multiple careers and jobs during their work lives.

2. Parents are the neutral yet responsible party who know the best of their children but at the end everyone has his/her own life. What do you think that parents’ verdict in selection of career path leads to long term happiness or Saima should have followed her own choice?
Support your answer with logical reasons. 15 marks
Solution: Parents can help children in following ways:

Eight Positive Ways

  1. Encourage your children to get the most education possible.
  2. Strengthen their self-understanding.
  3. Develop their knowledge about work.
  4. Teach them decision making skills.
  5. Value gender equity and cultural diversity.

  6. Become aware of career resources.
  7. Help them become skill-oriented.
  8. Observe the effects of part-time work.