MGMT611 Human Relations GDB 2 Solution Fall 2012

Ms. Tina recently joined her new office with a better salary package than previous one. She is a passionate worker and ready to face challenges. Positive point of her earlier job was her Good Boss. But bad salary swayed her to switch. Currently her Boss Mr. Hamid is an unpredictable, difficult and demanding man who has certain way of doing things.
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Few weeks of interaction with her boss put her intensifying concerns into a complaint to a higher authority. But her intimidating thoughts as a new employee ceased her. At this moment, her colleague Mr. Hassan approached her and said: “Sometimes Bad Bosses oppress unsympathetically but they teach us to become a good manager in disguised way. It is all about attitude either Face the storm or quit the game.”
1. Good Boss versus Good Salary, what should be Tina’s choice to enhance her motivation, commitment to job and productivity level? Justify your answer keeping in view the above scenario.

The Boss is the person who works for the employee. If everything is good, but the Boss is bad; then everything goes for a toss. If you find your Boss is good, your salary will be good, you will receive due recognition in time. Your Boss is the window to the outer world.