MGMT611 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 9 December 2012

22 MCQZ total 27 all 18 mcqz related to old papers

1: Describe vital role communication in organization:5

2: Related to become a great leader:5

3:Cognitive skill3

4 Social approaches3

mera paper 94% accurate hoa hay Best of luck allz

4: People images in self esteem


Another Paper:

Total marks= 44
total questions=27
2 questions of 5 marks and 4 of 3 marks.

In what ways your course “human relation” contributes to build your self
confidence as a leader?
Assume that Mr. Ahmad faced adversity of not having enough money
for education expenses. Being a student of human relation, suggest him
creative solution of his problem.

You are going foreign country how can you overcome the cultural diffrences (is type ka question tha)

baki mujhy yad nahi hain. almost 70% paper from past paperz.