MGMT623 Leadership & Team Management Assignment 2 solution fall 2012

Cure Plus Pharma (CPP Pvt. Ltd.) is a leading pharmaceutical Company in Pakistan.
They have a major market share of antibiotic drugs in the market. Recently, they faced an
unusual situation in production of the drugs.
Mr. Haris (Manager Procurement) came to Mr. Shiraz (Managing Director) and said,
“The supplies could not be reached on time due to some unavoidable circumstances, as I
am just informed by the supplier. I afraid we will not be able to produce as projected”. It
is in fact an alarming situation for the Company, as it can cause the company to lose its
leading position.
Looking at the severity of the situation, Mr. Shiraz and Mr. Haris decided to discuss the
situation with all the key managers in the company. First, they called Ms. Saba (Manager
Marketing) shared the problem which the company is facing and took her feedback.
After Ms. Saba, they called Mr. Shoaib (Manager Finance) and his valuable suggestions
were noted to cope with the situation.
After listening to all the managers, Mr. Shiraz initiated the discussion among the group
and came to conclusion that they should contact other suppliers on immediate basis and
finalize the deal at any cost.
Question No.1:
Identify the kind of decision which the management of Cure Plus Pharma has to make.
(Marks 10)
Question No.2:
What do you think, which technique of problem solving is used by Mr. Shiraz? Identify
and explain as per scenario. (Marks 15)

solution idea:He will use Stepladder Technique till last stage and in the last stage he will use the consensuse of group therefore at end will use consequence technique.