MGMT625 Change Management Assignment No 1 Solution Fall 2012

Excel Electrics’ is a manufacturing corporation whose main markets comprises of the high tech aerospace and defense
industries. In recent years both the recession in the airline industry and the contraction in defense spending by
governments have hit the company. In order to overcome these ‘Excel Electrics’ has embarked upon the process of
repositioning itself within the electronics marketplace niche of advanced civilian communications equipment. As part
of this it has changed its manufacturing foci and chosen to downsize and restructure its workforce.
Downsizing is a change technique for which workforce reacted negatively; therefore organization had faced extensive
resistance against the change in their goal. This involved the restructuring of the departments into teams, and reducing
the workforce from 380 to 250. This restructuring was followed by the steps taken by the work council to inform the
management about the concerns of workforce in terms of longer‐term effects of these changes. In particular they
highlighted possible loss of employment, future job security, increased communication gap with senior management,
and a lack of employee involvement in recent decisions. To overcome these employee related issues, management
instantly initiated the training programs and orientation to take the employees on board. The training programs are
initiated by the attempts of management to highlight the inadequacy attached with the existing structure so that
employees can realize these efforts favorable for them. Orientation sessions will be followed by the detailed technical
training about the changes in the manufacturing system and the opportunity will be provided to the employees to
work in the newly formed teams so that they can experience the improvement in work efficiency them selves. It has
already been planned by the top management to associate rewards with the employee adjustment within the new
systems. The new compensation plans will be soon disseminated among the employees.
The above scenario has elaborated the multiple aspects of change. You are required to categorize the details
mentioned in the case according to the change theories; Kurt Levin Model, Dialectical and Teleological theories.
Your selection should be supported by the proper reasoning.