MGMT627 Project Management Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012

You work as an analyst in the marketing department of Sunrise Ltd. – a large FMCG company. Sunrise uses a weak matrix structure to develop new products. Management has created an extremely competitive organizational culture that places an emphasis upon achieving results above everything else. One of the project managers, that you have been assigned to help, has been pressuring you to make his project your number one priority. He also wants you to expand the scope of your work on his project beyond what your marketing manager believes is necessary or appropriate. The project manager is widely perceived as a rising star within the company. Up to now, you have been resisting the project manager‘s pressure and complying with your marketing manager’s directives. However, your last conversation with the project manager ended by his saying, “I am not happy with the level of help I am getting from you and I will remember this when I become VP ofMarketing.”

1.Analyze the situation and identify who is at fault.

Take other authorties senior to him in confidence and secretely discuss the matter with him.

Find out the reason which forced him in this behaviour and try to resolve it.

Find out if it is a personal matter than try to solve it at my end.

2.What would be your response to the project manager, and why?

I will politely ask him to respect my boundaries, and due to limited budget I will not be able to expand marketing on his project. Also tell him that other projects need as much attention as his project.