MGMT627 Project Management Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2013

Noor Durrani & Associates (NDA), is providing a wide range of consulting services to the private and public sector throughout Pakistan and internationally. NDA has a prominent position in design engineering. You are working as a design engineer in NDA.
The development authority of a large city is requesting the current Government for a parking plaza project. One of the requirements in the request form is a PERT chart for the said project. The development authority has hired your company (NDA) for this purpose. Mr. Saqib Najmi, the Chief Engineer of NDA has asked you to develop a PERT chart to meet the requirements. Mr. Saqib has provided you with the following data.

1. You are required to develop a PERT chart by using Activity on Node  Method. (10 Marks)

2. Calculate the Slack Time.( 8 Marks) 

The slack time for a process is defined as:

(d - t) - c'

where d is the process deadline, t is the real time since the cycle start, and c' is the remaining computation time.

3. Identify the Critical Path. (2 Marks)