MGMT628 Organizational Development Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2013

If we look into the history of the organization development, especially before the industrial revolution we find the economy was mainly agriculture based and there were few numbers of industrial organizations. The size of these organizations was very small and the management style was totally different. The productivity was also very limited and the ranges of clients were mainly domestic. After the industrial revolution, the industries contributed the major part in the economy. The management style changed the productivity reached to its maximum. The client base grew beyond the borders. Then it came the present era, the era which is mainly dominated by the use of information technology. It has also changed many things like management style etc.

Being the student of Organizational Development, differentiate between all the three major eras and elaborate the changes which took place from time to time i.e. if we take the business scope of organization before industrial revolution. The organizations used to sell their products locally, after industrial revolution their products went global etc.
Note: your answer should depict the changes that took place in these three eras with reference to the four factors mention below.
The answers should be precise and to the point.
Era Management
Use of
Decision making Work force
Before Industrial
After Industrial
Current era of IT