MGMT628 Organizational Development GDB Solution Spring 2013

John & Muller is the manufacturer of health care products and supplying their products in the major countries of the world. The higher management of John & Muller is planning to launch their business in Pakistan and need a reliable partner which could help them in the production and distribution of their products. They are also interested in setting up their manufacturing plants in Pakistan. Qaiser & co is another local company which is interested in this business and best suited for John & Muller to work together. Their joint business will bring change in their reporting structures, change in leadership style and marketing strategy.

discussion question:

As an expert OD analyst which type of transaction and strategic intervention you would suggest for the feasible and smooth business transaction between both the companies? Support you answer with logical reasoning.


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OD interventions are plans or programs comprised of specific activities designed to effect change in some facet of an organization. Numerous interventions have been developed over the years to address different problems or create various results. However, they all are geared toward the goal of improving the entire organization through change.

In general, organizations that wish to achieve a high degree of organizational change will employ a full range of interventions, including those designed to transform individual and group behavior and attitudes. Entities attempting smaller changes will stop short of those goals, applying interventions targeted primarily toward operating policies, management structures, worker skills, and personnel policies.

OD interventions can be categorized in a number of ways, including function, the type of group for which they are intended, or the industry to which they apply. In fact, W.L. French identified 13 major “families” of interventions based on the type of activities that they included—activity groups included teambuilding, survey feedback, structural change, and career-planning.

Merger and Acquisition integration is more suitable for this scenario.