MGT101 Financial Accounting Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012


Question No.02

Bank Reconciliation Statement

It is a process that explains the difference between the bank balance shown in an organization’s bank statement, as supplied by the bank, and the corresponding amount shown in the organization’s own accounting records at a particular point in time.

Following is the same question and solution according Question 2 of this assignment






Answer 1:


(Oper jo under line kia ha ya question ma closing balance dia howa tha jaisy assginmnt ma dia ha is liay ma na bhi isko debit side pa add kia ha)


Bank reconciliation statement

For the month of March 2012.


Balance as per cash book       (DR)             20000


Unrecorded cheque                              2000  jb hm chek ko bank ma daity ha to cash book ma debit side par likhty ha jb hm debit side pa likhy ga to oper hamara balance debit ha to ya add ho ga

Outgoing cheque twice recorded          600 jb hm kisi ko cheque snd krty ha paymnt  k liy to hm cash book ma credit side par laikhty ha yaha hm na isko 2bar likh dia so ab is amount ko khatm krny k liay ham is ko debit kr dai ga


Balance B/F                                            1500 is ma hmna debit side ka balance credit side pa lai ha tb hamna credit side pa likha qk hamara oper balance debit ha so yaha pa hm isko less krian ga

Payment side under cast                           200 payment side hamari credit side hoti ha aur hmna credit side pa 200 rupees km likhy jb hm ziada kr k likhy ga to credit side ka balance equal ho ga aur hm isko les karian ga kio k oper debit balace ha ( agr yaha pa 200 over cast hota to phr hm debit side pa likhty )

Cash discount record over cast                   36  yaha pa hmna amounts ka farq kia ha kio k discount allowed hamesha debit hota ha but yaha hmna usko ziada likh dia 36rupees sa ab hm isko credit side pa likhai gat a k balance equal ho

Cheque receives but not sent to bank      1000 jb hamian customer sa cheque milta ha to hm cash book ma debit side par likhty ha hmna wo cheque ni bheja bank ma to hmari cash book ka balance ziada ho gaia is ko khatm krny k liay hm isko credit karty ha jb credit Karin ga to oper debit balance ha so less ho ga

Balance as per bank statement    (CR)          19864 ya bank reconciliation statement ka rule ha k start ma jo balance ho ga usk ult hi hamara ending balance ho ga