MGT111 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 11 Feb 2012

Introduction To Public Administration (11-feb-2012) (session: 2:00pm)

4 questions of five marks
6 questions of three marks

the rest were MCQs, all new, and were conceptual,

the subjective questions are here under:
1. describe the levels of federal government and provincial government. describe their hierarchical order (5)
2. what factors do you consider for a successful negotiation? (5)
3. what type of leadership style do the executives follow? also describe why? (5)
4. describe the CCB (citizen community Board) (3)
5. distinguish between situational leadership style and transformational leadership style. (3)
6. describe how communication could get better in any organization? (3)
7. describe the functions of state. (3)