MGT111 GDB Solution Fall 2012

Discussion Question

 A local shoe manufacturing organization recruits new members for its various departments in January every year. It follows its own standard pattern for this process. But this time they are shortage of new employees in the market. Which type of decision the normal induction of employees every year refers to? Being CEO of this organization, how would you deal with the situation of shortage of employees?



A shortage of employees can be the result of either a short term issue or a long term issue. An example of a short term issue would be the need to create a new product display for an upcoming open house and an example of a long term issue would be the need to develop an entirely new product line. The need to create a product display is something that could possibly be done within a matter of a couple days, but the creation of an entirely new product line is something that would most likely require a great deal of research and planning, and thus it could take upwards of a year or more.
Following steps can be taken to overcome this issue:
a. Use over time
b. Outsource the work
c. Implement alternate working arrangements
d. Bring back recent retirees
e. Use contingent workers
f. Reduce turn overs
g. Avoid further saturation by firing the labor/ employees