MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

A few days back a mishap of burning a community’s homes happened in a big city. The issue was highlighted by the media and hype was created as the affected people showed their grievances on TV. The affected community also called for a strike on the next day. The Chief Minister ordered the police department to take the notice of strike as well as made a committee to inquire the whole issue. Police officials reported that strike would not disturb the law and order situation of the city.
The committee inquired the issue and sent final report to the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister regretted the incident and ordered to help the affected community in rebuilding their houses. International media and agencies also showed their concerns on the issue and asked to assure the rights and safety of all communities.
1. Keeping in mind the above scenario draw the System of the whole incident, mention major Sub-systems, and the External Environment

2. Show the flow of information among different sub-systems.