MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2014

Assignment Question:
You have read Max Weber’s Theory of Bureaucracy that emphasizes a structures organization. Why has bureaucracy of Pakistan developed a bad reputation? Do you think this theory is still effective and applicable under current circumstances of Pakistan?
Discuss with proper arguments.
Solution: I think so the role of bureaucracy is very important in pakistan but it’s a general idea that pakistani bureaucracy always play negative role in pakistan.they always are active parts of non democarative goverments and they have a strong hold on policies made by pakistan,s govt.from 1947 to 1971 pakistani bureaucracy play dominent role in policy making.first time bhutto take administrative reform and try to show the inflence of elected representatives over unelected institutions.misuse of this influence results in politicization of bureaucracy and the concept of competant and neutral bureaucracy goes wide.bhutto remove the bureaucracy protection by taking it out of the 1973 constitution.after that bureaucracy plays negative role in Pakistan and they are always support military govt.as the politisions know that bureaucracy is the main resistant to change so they influence bureaucracy by giving jobs to their loyalists in key positions to promote their policies.and this is the main factor “that we say that bureaucracy play bad role” because when your national institutions are so much politicized and jobs are given to relatives and peers instead of qualified peoples.in Pakistan bureaucracy is an elite force holding high level position.they rule the country in an extream silent mode.in Pakistan most people think that our politions are corrupt but most people donot know that politions came in cabinet for a specified period but bureaucrats keep occupying thei seats through out their age so they misuse their power.in current ncircumstances I think so the theory of max werber is not applicable in Pakistan because in Pakistan some time beurocrates have to fallow the decisions of ministers,they couldnot sustain their position without support of ministers,they cannot occupy position because of their performance but due to approach.in Pakistan personal contacts and relations not job related skills influence hiring and promotion decisions.so werbers theory isnot applicable in Pakistan.we can improve the current situation by applying principles given by werber . Neutral bureaucracy means the civil servants who are full-time, permanent non-political employees of the government should not be aligned with any political party or political ideology. In other words, they must show political neutrality. The civil servants therefore, should serve any government with enthusiasm, integrity, impartiality and disinterestedness.