MGT111 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 9 December 2012

Qno.1 Difference between Ministry and department 3 Marks
Qno.2 In your point of view Rational Decision Making Modal 3Marks
Qno.3 What do you know about the Regulating 1773 Act passed by British Parliament. 3 Marks
Qno.4 Advantages of Planning Commission 5 marks
Qno.5 List of Advantages or Disadvantages of “Departmentalization by Time” 5 Marks-
Qno.6 what u will suggest to bring reforms in civil services? 3

Qno.7 effects of specialization on government officials? 3
Qno.8 why public administration is less efficient? 3
Qno.9 Give your views about the advantages of Planning Commission’s function of continuous evaluation of economic system? 5
Qno.10 What you will suggest to the incharge of matrix organization to improve the coordination? 5

Another Paper:

Total Time = 60 mints
Total Questions = 27
Total MCQ’S = 22
3 Questions of Marks = 3
2 Questions of Marks = 5

Question No: 23 Marks: 3
How missions, goals and objectives empower employees?
Question No: 24 Marks: 3
Describe the concept of Formal organization and give three examples from real life?
Question No: 25 Marks: 3
Elaborate the differences between “Public” and “private” conflicts?
Question No: 26 Marks: 5
Benefits of open system?
Question No: 27 Marks: 5
What are the components of national plan?