MGT201 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2018


Marks: 10

Question #1:

Due to rapid growth in population, Government has to face many problems especially the
management of solid waste. We have to admit that due to high volumes of waste, cost and lack
of disposal technologies and methodologies, developing countries are still struggling with waste
management. This inability to manage waste also includes failures in inadequate financing,
services, environmental controls, poor institutional structures and lack of political will. From
different research studies, we have found that recycling is an acceptable and sustainable
approach towards solid waste management, and also good from environmental, economic and
social point of view.
For your better understanding, let’s see the case of Freitag, a story about two brothers from
Switzerland named as Daniel and Marcus Freitag. In 90s, bicycle was the basic mean of
transportation in Switzerland. They realized that carrying off products on bicycles was difficult
because of wet and cold weather of Switzerland. They saw an opportunity in form of trash/used
truck traps, car seatbelts, bike inner tubes and thought that they can take the pieces, put them
together and build much stronger bag that will be able to stand in rain and be able to carry things
on bicycle more safely and comfortably. In 1993, they made a bag with used seatbelt and leather
in their apartment. You are advised to watch their whole success story by clicking the below
mentioned website link: Click Here To Open Video


We can recycle Old clothes in the following ways:
  • Hand Bags or Shopping Bags
  • Mats for floor
  • Cushion covers
  • Geometry box
  • Decoration pieces
  • Laptop Bags