MGT201 Financial Management Final paper 23 February 2013

Total Questions: 60

Total Marks: 78

Total MCQs: 54 (Each of 1 Mark)

Total Short Questions: 3 (Each of 3 Mark)

Total Long Questions: 3 (Each of 5 Mark)

Question No. 55. Find Numerical of Net Income Calculation and Numerical of Break-even quantity?
(two cases, when Variable cost = Rs. 5 and when variable cost = Rs.6), fixes cost = Rs2,500 and Sale price = Rs. 10?

Question No. 56. Calculate the net present value of Bond?
Question No. 57. WACC calculation of two firms, one without leverage and one with leverage where financial risk for 2nd firm is 18% ?
Question No. 58. Difference between IRR and MIRR?
Question No. 59. What is the effect of leverage on a company?
Question No. 60. Explain Advantages of Financial Leasing?