MGT211 GDB Solution Spring 2018

Spring, 2018

Graded Discussion Board

Due Date: 11th May, 2018

Total Marks: 05

Topic: Digitalization of Business Activities


The basic objective of this discussion is to familiarize students about the digital revolution in business activities.

Learning Outcome:

After participating in this GDB;

  • Students will learn how different forms of digital technologies change the business activities
  • Students will understand the role of digitalization in business activities


We have entered in the decade of self-services. Technology is eventually penetrating and revolutionizing all products. It was common practice for customers to encounter inexperienced sales staff, long waiting lines and most importantly calculated official hours (when customers could not approach the banks or other companies after 5:00 PM). As a result, opportunities to conduct online business have become a welcome alternative to most consumers. Now a day, businesses value the low cost of operations and reliability of automating transactions. In self-services, companies provide an opportunity to customers to get things done on their own. Self-service technologies in business firstly introduced in 1880s, and then self-service gas pump stations and ATMs machines came into existence. Now different organizations are providing different types of self-services technologies such as interactive voice response system (IVR), freestanding kiosks and online systems to their customers.

Point of Discussion:

In your opinion how the orientation of digital technologies has helped marketers to improve their methods of building strong relationships with their customers as compared to traditional methods of making relationships with customers? Discuss your answer with four logical arguments.

SOlution :

Digitalization implies an enhancement of business activities with the support of information technology to simplify communication systems. It helps firms identify best partner companies and collaborate with them.

Digitalization  helps in generating new opportunities of growth. It helps in capturing and retaining customers and potential customers directly. It is important for companies to adopt digitalization in their businesses in order to gain a competitive edge and keep pace with competitors. Digitalization is growing and is being accepted across industries. With the world rapidly shifting from offline to online model of business, digitalization is now a strategic imperative for organizations across domains.