MGT211 Introduction To Business Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012

Corporate Social Responsibility
Learning objectives: Create awareness that how business decisions might affect the interests of stakeholder groups.
Corporate social, ethical and environmental awareness has become essential for businesses. Companies are liable to consider the interests of all stakeholders while performing their activities and making decisions. Business operations should not be exclusively focused to meet the objectives of shareholders and investors; which is the maximization of profit. Corporate must adopt a wider perspective when setting their objectives. The concept of corporate social responsibility explains us to assess the social impact of a business; it covers pollution levels, usage of energy, reprocessing and recycling rates, contributions to community, employee benefit programs and customer satisfaction. Business operations and decisions may have positive and negative impact on customers, employees, suppliers, community and environment.
Some typical business decisions in real world are as follows:
a) A business is planning for large expansion by building a new factory.
b) Application of technology into production and business processes
c) Business uses solar energy to run some operations.
Being the student of business education, you are required to analyze the likely positive and negative effects of these decisions on employees, customers and society at large (community).


Question No. 1
A business is planning for large expansion by building a new factory. 
Answer: As I learn in the assignment query, every business decision has positive as well as negative impacts on customers, employees, suppliers, community and environment.
If a business is setting up for large extension by building a new factory, then its impact on thecommunity will be both positive as well as negative. Positive in the sense that employment opportunities will be created and people will get employment in their home town, secondly new communications will be constructed for the factory which will be useful for the advancement of the community. Negative impacts include pollution created by factory’s waste products.
collision on the customers: will be mostly positive, as the business is growing so the product line will also be expanded and customers can be benefitted from the variety of products at a reasonable price, but the negative impact will be that as the industry is expanding, it will dominate the whole business sector and it can increase its product prices.
Impact on the employees: will be positive as well as negative. New employees will be employed and the range of responsibilities of the old employees will be increased.
Suppliers: will be benefitted as they have to supply higher quantities of raw materials and gaining high margin of profit.
Environment: may get only negative impact as new factory will increase the miseries of the environment, wastes of the factory will increase environmental pollution
Question No. 2
Application of technology into production and business processes.

Answer: Effects on customers:
Life of the customers has been made easy by the advanced technology, but the hazards of new technology has created few problems in the life of customers, such as lack of physical activity due to indoor games, radiation produced by various gadgets(mobile, ipad,laptop), etc.
Effects on employees:
Employees have to be trained in using advanced technology, if they want to survive in this competitive environment. A number of employees have lost their jobs due to introduction of computer and robots in the industry.
Effects on the suppliers:
Suppliers have been vigilant in this scenario. There is a lot of competition and they have to innovate and do research. Negative impact for suppliers is that their role has been limited now.
Effect on community:
Advanced technology has brought a revolution in the life of common man. People can now contact each other at any time by using this technology, cell phones, internet(social websites etc), but the dark side of the picture shows that there is moral degradation of the community at large, people become indifferent to each other.
Effect on environment:
Effects of the environment are not satisfactory, as gadgets emit radiation, can create imbalance in the environmental factors responsible for the normal temperature, depletion of ozone layer and so on.
Question No. 3
Business uses solar energy to run some operations.
Answer: Effects on customers:
As above discussion solar energy system is a new technology in our country because we are interrupting in energy crises so this energy source is very beneficial for the customers because after installing this system they receive their desired quantity or products at the given time so it’s very beneficial for the customers and the negative point is that maybe the rates of the products high.
Effects on employees:
The positive point for the employee is that they increase the production of the company and they delivered commodities to their customers at given time and the same point is negative for the employees because after installing the solar energy panel they have to more struggle for the company for maintain their time and production factors.
Effects on the suppliers:
Effects on suppliers of installing solar energy system mostly positive because after use this energy system demand of raw material is running the same because when company using the lesco, mepco’s services than due to short fall of energy supply chain may disturb.
Effect on environment:
On effect may log on environment after installing solar energy system