MGT211 Introduction To Business Final paper 23 February 2013

Total Questions: 60

Total Marks: 78

Total MCQs: 54 (Each of 1 Mark)

Total Short Questions: 3 (Each of 3 Mark)

Total Long Questions: 3 (Each of 5 Mark)


Question No. 55

What are the advantages of internal benchmarking?

Question No. 56

What is budgeting and why is it important?

Question No. 57

What are the basic skills of management?

Question No. 58

Define strategy and the various levels of strategy?
Question No. 59

What is packaging and how is it useful in marketing?

Question No. 60

Differentiate between fixed costs and variable costs?

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  1. What is advantages of Benchmarking
  2. Responsibilities of Financial Manager
  3. Verbal And Non Verbal Communication Skills
  4. Product Classification (One Peragraph and find karna tha kon si items hain 02 Companies Define Thi)
  5. MR. Asif Inventory Officer of Textile mill and he has problem to control inventory smoth and speedy way. How he will control inventory and what functions he will adopt to make it easy.