MGT211 Introduction To Business Quiz No 1 Fall 2012

MGT211 Introduction To Business Quiz No 1 Fall 2012
  1. Environmental forces that are controllable are called?
  2. ———- is the simplest form of business organization, which is owned and controlled by one man
  3. Which of the following enjoys limited liability?
  4. In which organization, people join as volunteers
  5. ——- Meeting is the first meeting after commencement of business.Management is the back-bone of a__________:
  6. Two or more people or organizations join hands and decide to do a business, formed a seperate entity.
  7. A document containing information regarding internal and external matters of the business is called:
  8. In the business plan, when making financial projections, which of these would NOT form part of the plan?
  9. The activities that are undertaken for personal satisfaction and not to earn profit or income are known as___________.