MGT211 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 9 December 2012

MGT 211 Today exam…. 23 MCQs and 05 Subjective in which it was asked that
1) Difference b/w Job Description & Job Specification
2) suppose u r owner of restaurant then as a government is stakeholder. how will they affect in ur business
3) Define business plan
4) from which school FW taylor was? what was his contribution?

Another Paper:

  1. Sole proprietorship is the oldest form of business organization.
  2. Easy Dissolution in sole proprietorship.
  3. 3.       Sole proprietorship is the only form of business organization where the owner enjoys entire profit.
  4. It is an independent form of business organization, sole proprietorship.
  5. In case of sole proprietorship a single person bears all the losses. Risk of loss.
  6. joint stock company can get a huge amount of capital from banks.
  7. The liability of each member in cooperative society is limited to the share capital.
  8. Franchising question.
  9. How many type of Job Analysis? 2
  10. Age, not included in Equal employee opportunity.

Q. What is ENTREPRENEURSHIP, Write the Characteristics of Entrepreneurs? 5

Q. What is Equity Theory.?

Q. what is Relationship marketing? And its benefits?3

Q. What is Disadvantages of Franchising? 3

Q. What are the major Exports of Pakistan? 3