MGT301 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2017


Lack of adequate conveyance infrastructure, higher inflation and deprived economy has made the low-powered vehicles as an apex priority of most of the Pakistanis; as a result the production of two-wheeler vehicles has tremendously increased. Statistics shows huge numbers of bikes sold every year which indicates the continuous rise in automobile industry. There are different ranges from 70 to 125CCbikes for commuters. The 150 CC bikes are performance models and 200 (+) CC are considered as premium bikes.The motorcycle production in the country is being run by about 100 motorcycle assemblers where Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki are the major players in this industry with a giant market share. PIRANI group of companies has now entered in the queue of a few companies operating in Pakistan, which offer 200 CC (super power) along with 70 to 125 CC bikes. Undoubtedly, the production of such bikes has provided good alternatives to the buyers in Pakistan.By keeping in mind their core objective to become No.1 in the automobile sector, they are making use of different promotional strategies like appeal locally and create an event, point of sale promotions, auto shows, and celebrity endorsement to influence their target customers in order to capture market share. Furthermore, they are also trying to build profitable relationships with their customers by offering customer referral incentive programs. But in the end, all of their efforts are seem to be in a vain as they are still not able to hit their customers’ mind or generate larger sales volume.

Requirement:- In your opinion, what promotional tactics this company should apply in such a dynamic environment to become top of the list in super bikes category thus by increasing its market share? Mention at least five promotion tactics with justification in order to support your answer.