MGT301 Principles of Marketing Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2014

Marketing Strategy: a key for survival and growth
WBRU is a radio station based in Providence, Rhode Island that appeals to a diverse group of listeners. WBRU plays a variety of formats throughout the day. Student volunteers play modern rock during the day along with retro music at noon. They play jazz in the very early morning. WBRU tries to be a cool fun station. Every Friday at midnight, listeners experience the best in techno, big beat, drum ‘n’ bass, & remixes.
Every weekday at 3, WBRU hands over the reins to its listeners. They pick the music. Every Wednesday night at ten, its breaking and entering segment lets viewers hear four hours of New Music. WBRU has contests and sweepstakes. They try to give away a lot of free stuff.

WBRU is not a large corporate station with a large budget. They spend a lot of time trying to be creative so that they can please both listeners and advertisers.

Reference: www.wbru.com


1. Why WBRU needs marketing as an important element in their business strategy? (5 Marks)

They need to catch more listeners, they need get more advertising, all advertising money help them, to extend services all around country.

2. What dimensions WBRU would consider while developing a marketing strategy? (5 Marks)