MGT301 Principles of Marketing GDB 1 Solution Spring 2013

Graded Discussion Board


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This is to inform that Graded Discussion Board (GDB) No. 01 will be opened on 14th June, 2013 for discussion and last date of discussion will be 18th June, 2013.

Topic/Area for Discussion:  “Effect of new entrance on Market Segmentation & Market Share”

This Graded Discussion Board will cover Lesson 17 & 18.


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What are the Effects of new entrance on Market Segmentation & Market Share ?

1) Either Nokia should come up with its own package of operating system that should be same as android in capability and functioning. I can bet even if it will be window based still it will be able to attract market due to its durability and battery backup qualities

2) It should come up with tablet like phone with higher random access memory and storage capacity
We know Nokia is the first choice and hence when it will come to choose among numerous brands people will trust Nokia tablet or tabloid phones

3) The glamour and the beauty of the look of the handset needs to improve, sleek and shiny wide flat screen, and with additional attractive safety cover ( i.e. to cater different segments of buyer group teens, professionals etc) . The additional safety cover should not be a plastic some how carry away sort of

4) Nokia should do a market analysis to get near to exact numbers of people desiring above stated features. Depending on that they should plan there break even and accordingly come up with the lowest possible price.

5) Flood the market with the stock, the supply should be in all sorts of shop & in all segments of geography

6) The web based competition and lottery prize should be launched

7) The ad should be more of web based

8) If buyers can buy Chinese company phone and other micro max phones online without seeing it in hand, then we can imagine Nokia has its own credibility. What will happen if they come up with there online purchase scheme.

9) The name of Nokia is more than enough to call peoples’ attention, so for the advertisement may be TV or press media should use all the footage to show the beauty and functionality of sets and should not use big star cast which may lower the cost of marketing and hence give higher share of profit to the marketing selling chain so that they shall prefer to keep the stock of product and pay more emphasis on its sale

10) Product diversification should be in the fields of corporate selling with the product line having more emphasis on its organizational mail and data base access, i.e. higher capability of its functionality. Here Nokia can take advantage of its window based operating system and can also add MS office