MGT301 VU GDB Solution Spring 2012

An intense competition exists between telecommunication operators in Pakistan since 2005. To compete and create a win-win situation, every operator is trying to adopt creative marketing strategies. To continuously enhance the market share, companies try to offer different packages to the target consumers and convince them through bombardment of advertisements through multi channels. On one side companies use creative marketing strategies to win the competition but on the other side the same creates difficulties for individuals to decide what brand and package could be best suitable for them. These activities not only create difficulty in decision making but also create post purchase dissonance. Selection of a most suitable brand is a tricky thing and masses are not capable enough to make shrewd decisions in this regard. This is quite an interesting stage for the telecom companies where they have the margin to grab the attention of this segment of the market which is confused by using different creative marketing strategies and keeping the existing customer intact. Some of the evidence can be observed in series of funny advertisements (Ufone), some of them focus on business community and offer different facilities (easy paisa), some others focus on teenage youth (D juice, It’s fun to be young) etc.

SolutionThere is a race of different packages in Pakistan between different cellular operators. Most of different packages offered by different companies in this race to get money out of Pakistani Subscribers. Most of the times these advertisements are misleading and facts are not clear to the mobile uses. PTA and other consumer protection organizations have yet not taken any action on the situation how these advertisements are misguiding the people. Telenor is not less than any company in money earning tactics. They have been using different looting tactics including Telnor TeleDoctor to earn the money from mobile users.

The telecommunication companies in Pakistan are succeeding in achieving their goals. As most of the people buy a sim on the basis of the advertisements the company makes. So their advertisements and packages are helpful for their progress.
But these companies are not following the Societal Marketing. Because they are just giving importance to their profit and not thinking of the goodness of society.
These companies provide different packages of sms and night call packages which are a big hurdle for the bright future of the students. They waste their time in using these packages. I recommend that if these companies will try to follow the societal marketing , they would not spoil the youth.