MGT411 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

total questions were 32 mcqs 28 and 4 subjective questions.
Most of the mcqs from the past papers and subjective questions were that .
what is risk value? 3
Why Stock are risky? 3
Interest rate and face value is given and ask to calculate the bond price? 5
Discuss about The Bubbles in your own words? 5
I advise you to read past papers and give special concentration to the chapters from 16 to 22.

Mgt411 VU Midterm Current Papers Spring 2012 of Virtual University of Pakistan [May 2012]

There are 32 question in paper total no of paper are
2 Questions of 3 numbers and
2 Questions of 5 numbers and

most of them from past paper some are new
subjective question are below
Investmen grades of PACRA (3) no
Why stock are Risky (3) no
Discuss bubbles in your own word ( 5 ) no
find value and face value is 1000 intrest is 14 % of 2 years also take 95 and the end of year