MGT501 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

An engineering firm offered unique benefit to its employees because employees could not attend the urgent meeting due to illness of the child. They know that baby-sitter will be of little help. If they had a child who was ill, too ill for regular day care, then that child would be cared for by an independent day-care center called Feeling Better- Child-Care professionals in the area specializing in the caring of sick children. And organization would pay 100% of the costs. During its first full year as a benefit, feeling better services were used more than twenty-one times, a cost to the company of nearly $2,500.

In deciding to offer this benefit to its employees, the firm viewed it as a classic benefit/cost analysis. Under a typical situation, parents would generally miss work, either taking a personal day, or in other cases, just calling in sick themselves. Company records in contrast that each day an engineer i working, he or she bills clients an average of $817. In contrast, feeling better’s services are about $115 a child per day. Accordingly, offering this benefit netted the company more than $700.

Organization  continues  to  look  for  ways  to  help  its  employees  deal  with  this issue. Although using Feeling Better- Child-Care has been successful overall, some parents are still apprehensive about leaving their ill child in a strange place. Consequently, organization is now exploring other options, including having care-givers come to the employee’s home for the days.


Do you think the firm’s decision to hire the Feeling Better- Child-Care would be fruitful in future too? Discuss with reasons.

Solution : Increasing the number of new graduates who choose to work and remain in child care is critical for the future of the workforce.The sector needs to make efforts to enhance the skills and leadership qualities of supervisors and directors to recruit new graduates and work collectively on quality improvements.Plans to follow the students surveyed as they move into the workforce and surveying additional students will provide key information on their employment choices,job satisfaction and job stability as part of the Sector Council’s long-term labour market strategy.