MGT501 Human Resource Final paper 23 February 2013

52 MCQs and following long questions.

Overall it was easy paper.

Coach of cricket team found one of his best players involved in gambling. He had talked to him about the rules of the organization that prohibit gambling and the consequences that lead to dismissal. The player promised not to do it again but after few months a complaint is received again. This time, what disciplinary actions should be taken by the coach?

Comment on the statement, “Today’s organizations must be able to satisfy the diverse needs of their employees”.

What are the reasons based on which organizations offer Corporate-wide Plans? Are there any demerits attached with this pay plan?

The organization has introduced an efficient database, in order to launch this new database what measures an organization should take?

Distinguish between proactive versus reactive approach. What should be an HR Manager’s approach in dealing with the external environment?

“A certain degree of stress is most likely to trigger high energy and motivation”.  Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Briefly discuss.

People working in a paint manufacturing plant are required to wear worker uniform, long shoes, hard hat, and safety glasses, but one of the workers does not wear all these things. When his boss inquired him on this matter, he replied that he does not like to wear them and there had been no accident took place for the last 15 years on the job; therefore there is no need of it.

The argument given by worker is valid or disciplinary action should be taken against him?

Mention any three reasons of failure of international assignments and also give its remedies.

Another Paper:

Q-1 Is there any relationship exist between “competency level” and “dependability” of followers in a leadership process?

Q-2 Suppose after completion of your graduation, you receive two job offers related to your area of specialization; one is from a government organization and other is from a private sector firm. What will be your preference? Why?
(Note: Your reasoning must be on the basis of pros and cons of compensatory benefits generally offered by public and private sector firms)

Q-3 Contrast Training and Development with an example.

Q-4 How would you differentiate between extinction and punishment?

Q-5 Do differences in economic systems among countries affect HR practices or not? Give justification to support your answer.

Q-6 Why organizations & unions consider ‘collective bargaining’ valuable?

Q-7 Have you ever observed; organizations try to get employees from the competing firms who have complete knowledge about the procedures and operations, with an intention to beat the competitor? Quote one real life example. In your opinion, is it ethically right to do so or not?