MGT501 Human Resource Final paper 28 February 2013

1. Define Compensation package

2. Why group are necessary for organization

3. Define power of personal authority

4. Define job evaluation process

5. Define economic system change for among countries. justify your answer with example

6. Define zero based fore casting and bottom up apporach

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Subjective questions

Burn out is a negative behavioral aspect of employ 3 mks

Leadership is restricted to top level or bottom level.discuss 3mks

positive reinforcement by instructor in distant learnig.

Leader and manager are alike in which aspect.

conflicts can be benificial for organization.

Team captain is fired when foot ball team losses by managment.discuss

different challanges to motivate employee by managers

job evaluation to a job Z,and method to evaluate it while job i,2,3 4 are having pay 400,500,600,400 and same jobby job Z

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All McQ’s from past papers and very easy..
Q of 3 marks:
1. What do you know about “stress-prone Employees”?
2. why Membership unions are formed
Question of 5 Marks.
1. “HR are functions are interelated to eachother” do you agree or disagree. Explain the reason for your answer
2. being an HR manager what suggestions you would give to the organization for making better image in the market.
3. one Question was related to job evaluation process a condition was given and we have to suggest which evaluation process to be applied.
4.what do you know job security and why job security is important in the organization