MGT501 Human Resource Management GDB 2 Solution Fall 2012

Mr. Asim owns a computer software company, which specializes in designing programs for clients. Asim’s company used to call up clients, describe their product offerings, and then try to sell software to these clients that would be appropriate to their businesses. Recently he found a more effective and profitable way to do business when an accounting firm approached him which was interested to replace their outdated in use software program with a new one, designed specifically according to their working requirement.
Asim allowed his programmers to meet the client to understand their problems and requirements. For this purpose the team of programmers visited the client and made notes regarding the company needs. They also asked the software users about the type of program they would like. The team took these ideas back to the office and began working on them. They were allowed to do scheduling in their own way to complete the task within one month. The program was developed so effectively that the company purchased it. Asim intends to continue this hands-on approach.

Based on your analysis of the given scenario, have the programmers’ jobs been enlarged or enriched? Defend your stance.

Job enlargement means increasing the scope of job quantitatively by adding up more tasks, job enrichment means improvement in the quality of job such that employees are more satisfied and fulfilled.
Job enlargement assigns workers to additional same level tasks to increase the number of tasks they have to perform.