MGT501 Human Resource Management GDB Solution Fall 2012

A computer parts manufacturing company does not use formal job description; and has no intention of doing so, too. The HR consultant of this organization asked CEO that the employees of the organization may sue regarding it; and it would be very difficult for the organization to defend its employment practices in the Court of Law. The CEO agreed with the HR consultant’s observation but implied that formal job descriptions would reduce the company’s flexibility to deploy its human resources to their full potential in a highly competitive environment.

Discussion Question:

If you are the HR consultant, what further advice would you give to the CEO concerning the use of formal job descriptions?


Being an HR consultant, i would like to advice the CEO that formal job descriptions would reduce the company’s flexibility to deploy its human resources to their full potential in a highly competitive environment and it will create a stable and sound working atomsphere.

Computer parts manufacturing company need employees having the following job description:

Basic skills:

  • Repair computers with damage or dysfunctions.
  • Install or download computer applications
  • Assemble computer parts.
  • Do network maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Check the capacity of the computer
  • Ensure the functions of the computer
  • Check and repair computer connections
  • Communicate with clients about the computer condition
  • Advise proper care of computer and the best computer programs and brand.

Education and Training Requirements:

  • Must be a graduate of Computer hardware engineering or any related Computer course.
  • Graduate of any 2 year vocational course in Electronics are also welcome.
  • Must have at least 2-3 years working experience.

Salary Information:

Local Employment:

  • Computer Technician receives a handsome salary ranging from 20,000 rupees to 40,000 rupees.

Overseas Employment:

  • Saudi Arabia- SAR3, 500 or PhP43, 889 a month
  • Australia- AUD37, 808 or PhP1, 164,799 per annum
  • Canada- CAD39, 397 or PhP1, 490,659 per annum


Skills and competency Requirements:

  • Must have wide knowledge and ability in repairing computers
  • Must have knowledge in different software applications
  • Knowledge in troubleshooting
  • Knowledge in detecting computer viruses
  • Ability to repair multiple computers
  • Know how to assemble computer parts and can do networking.
  • Knowledge in repairing different brand and type of computers.
  • Must have good communication skills.


Employment Opportunities:

Information Technology remains in trend nowadays because most industries are now usingcomputersandcomputer applications. Computer Technicians are widely needed both local and abroad. Most local Computer Technician works as freelancer.Computer Technicians are also widely needed abroad, in countries like Saudi Arabia,Canada and Australia, they give a high salary for experienced Computer Technician

Work Environment:

Computer Technicians often work in repair shops or visit clients. Like other technicians, they often work as on call repairer.

Work Hours:

Company or Shop Computer Technician often work for 8 to 10 hours a day while freelancer works depending on the case of the computer.

Career Advancement:

Entry level Computer Technician can be promoted as Senior Technician or Supervisor after a year, if good working performance is maintained. They can also consider putting up their own computer shop after retirement.