MGT501 Human Resource Management GDB Solution Fall 2013

You are working as HR Director in FMCG organization. As you return to your office from a meeting, you notice that your secretary is on the phone. When you enter your room, you see that one line on your phone is lit (the one your secretary is on) and one is blinking-someone is on hold. You pick up the blinking line and you get an earful. It is your biggest retail customer. She has called twice, once letting the phone ring 8 times before hanging up and a second time letting it ring 7 times before your sectary picked up the phone. Your secretary then put your customer on hold for 9 minutes. No one get back to your customer until you picked up the line. When you ask, your secretary says that she was talking to her husband, with whom she is on the verge of breaking up.


What do you say or do to your secretary and why?

Solution Idea: 

The given scscenario requires the role of ethics in the organization i.e. the boss should realise her these are your mandatory duty, you have to follow the norms and ethics of the organization also he can divert his duty in other department or give her a warning for breaking the ethics of the organization. if someone is not getting these points specially girls then they must read the chapter of “Norms and Ethics of the organization”…. Just use your brain according to ethics of an organization put yourself in the place of the boss professionally you will get the answer…