MGT501 Human Resource Management GDB Solution Spring 2013

TIEN Sports is a medium sized sports manufacturing firm. The firm has recently established a formal HR department.  The HR Manager arranges for some essential training for the management staff. The HR manager discusses the importance of career development with the CEO to which the CEO seems reluctant. The HR manager is of the view that Career Development is of vital importance to the organization but the CEO’s view is that the management is never sure about whether or not the employee will stay with the organization for as long as the investment in career development becomes fruitful. If the employee leaves the organization then the investment in the employee’s career development will be wasted.

Which of the two views mentioned in the scenario would you support? Provide solid justification of your selection.


HR manager is absolutely right in his thoughts because Career Development helps the organization in many ways. It train the employees for enhancing their capabilities and skills. Other aspects like promotion and pay and benefits are granted according to the level of efficiency. Efficiency is increased with the help of better trained workforce. Once employees will feel that their interests are well looked after by the organization then they are going to add value to the organization and will also start owning the organization. Once employees own the organization due positive culture and traditions of organization then i don’t think they will quit. Investment in the people never go in waste / vane because now in the TQM concept the people are considered as an asset.

Training is not fruitful for the new entrants but also the existing and even experienced ones as the speedy progress in every field has necisitated every one to be informed about the latest technologies,methodologies , innovations to compete.Training helps employees brush their skills , and work at their full potential which eventually benefits the organizations they work in and again adds to the individuals’ expertise.In turn all this makes the tasks clearer , easier to accomplish and thus brings satisfaction .The result is greater  retention and least turnover.Training removes anxiety and   restlessness that accompanies incompetency because of lack of training.