MGT501 Human Resource Quiz 3 Solution Spring 2014

Formal organizations are _________ organizations.
Answer: Structured

Organizations have to constantly monitor the performance of the employees not only to check that goals are being met or policies have been adhered to but also to:
Answer: Motivate the employees

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What is another term used for 360-degree feedback?
Select correct option:

Answer: Multi-source assessment

Which of the following best describes the difference between training and development?
Answer: Training is for current job and development is for future job

An organization that has no room for innovation although it can provide such opportunities to its employees refers to:
Answer: Leadership attitude…not sure

Which of the following terminology describes the legal legislation in which job applicant should not be rejected on the basis of discriminatory practices?
Answer: Equal employment opportunity

A planning approach that carries an inbuilt feature of review at different steps during the execution of the plan is called:
Answer: Training & development

Which of the following represents relatively a permanent change in behavior of employees?

According to which act, pay discrimination on the basis of gender for same position & performance is prohibited?

Answer: Equal pay act of 1963

Which of the following is part of a manager’s role in an employee’s career development?
Answer: Communicating the mission, policies, and procedures

Ranking method is only effective for:
Answer: Few jobs to be evaluated

Which of the following is NOT a function of HRM?
Answer: To Attract People

The lifelong series of activities that contribute to a person’s career exploration, establishment, success, and fulfillment is called:
Answer: Career management

The process of discovering potential candidates for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies is known as:
Answer: HR planning

The act of reorganizing a company for the purpose of making it more efficient and therefore more profitable is known as:
Answer: Restructuring

The socialization process is more likely to be conducted by:
Answer: HRM department
Main source of creating difference among organizations is:
Answer: Human resource

Which one is the recruitment method that may create glass ceiling effect?

Answer: ???

Which one method of job analysis is universally superior?
Answer: Individual interview method