MGT502 Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2017

The prime objective of this activity is to familiarize students with motivational theories and the
context in which it is applied.

After attempting this assignment students will be able to:
 Identify practical issues prevailing in organizations that will affect the motivation of

Mr. Aslam has been working at Creatix Co. Ltd for almost ten years. Due to his capabilities and
experience at various positions in this firm, he is considered as the most knowledgeable and
respectful employee. His Supervisor, Mr. Ahmad appreciated his work and told him about his
promotion to another higher rank if he continues the same hard work.
Recently, company hired a new employee at the same position having job classification same as
Mr. Aslam. They both are teamed together to work on a research project, involving late sittings and
working for long hours.
Mr. Aslam soon noticed that newly hired person is mostly sitting idle and not even completing his
work. After quite some time, he came to know that his newly hired colleague draws more salary
than him. He went straight to his supervisor and asked about the favors which have been given to
new employee. His supervisor did not give any logical reason for paying the new employee more
than Mr. Aslam. It got apparent to him that his supervisor favors new employees over others
regardless of their efforts, experience and job performance.
Looking at the situation, Mr. Aslam has decided to reduce his efforts as compared to the newly
hired colleague, who is getting more for their less effort. Also, he has decided to start looking for
opportunities in other organizations and leave this job.

According to the above scenario, which motivational theory is applicable to Mr. Aslam case?
Justify your answer with the logical arguments.
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Solution : yes equity is applicable there is two types of equity theory in one type the employ stay loyal and is not ready to leav but in scnd the employ is not ready to wait for betterment