Mgt502 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 14 Feb 2012

62(MCQs)……3(3 marks)……4(5 marks)
Differentiate between selection and socialization(5)
Relationship betweenTechnology and work design (5)
Stress can be positive or negative influence on employee performance. Discuss (5)
Bounded Rationality Decision making(5)
What two objectives achieved by performance appraisal(3)
One question was about Coaching(3)
One is not remembered……(3)

Paper 2:

List Down all the conventional wisdom & respective research findings about leadership ……..3 marks

Farhan has terminated shahzad on providing feedback against him during performance appraisal is the provided reasoning acceptable and justified for termination ………….3 marks

After completion of your graduation Two jobs offers related to you 1 govt and 0ther is private organization ?
you will prefer which one ? and why?…….5 marks

Why current politicians are not considered to be successsful leaders.?…………5 marks

while doing internship in an organization your supervisor ask you to give suggession for organizational communition…….5 marks

Ali is running a small family business and decide to have a proper HR department to ensure small functioning of workforce suggest him important factors that he covered in an orginaztion…….5 marks

Paper 3:

mgt502 mostly past papers m se the and 4 questions 5 marks and
3questios3 marks k thy tatal marks 96 and
Q1: indigredents of TQM
Q 2:u r aHR manager whts u steps to do best job
Q 3:A strong culture is effected and productive justify r au agree r not
Q#4: why job description is important for job specification
Q#5:ISO ka q tha jo k past paper m h.