MGT502 Final paper 28 February 2013

MCQ’s 52 (very easy ones)
Q53: Steps in the selection process of employees 3 marks
Q54: Three essential parts of high peforming organizations 3 marks
Q55: Being a change agent, describe a situation in which education & communication can change resist of change. 3marks
Q56: Superior corporation faces inter-group & interpersonal conflicts. what can be the sources of such conflicts? 5marks
Q57: Mr Arslan is not happy with the culture of organization and wants to improve it. what requirements he should consider to change organizational culture. 5marks
Q58: Compare performance management system of past & present 5marks
Q59: Critically analyze strengths & weakness of bureaucratic structure of organization 5marks
Q60: why is it important for managers to understand and recognize the stages of grp development? will his knwledge affect group’s perfomance??? 5marks

Another Paper:Q-1 What can managers do to make their firms learning organizations?

Q-2 Describe the circumstances under which it becomes necessary to change the culture of organization?

Q-3 Suppose you are Human Resource manager of an organization. On what basis you can asses the success of Human resource practices in your organization?

Q-4 When the organizations opt for the process reengineering?

Q-5 Explain the possible consequences of expert power and legitimate power.

Q-6 How does selectivity affect perception? Give an example of how selectivity can create perceptual distortion.

Q-7 Why is it important for an organization to have a culture? Discuss

Q-8 What can be the potential sources of Stress for an employee at workplace?