MGT502 GDB Solution Spring 2017

Graded Discussion Board

Organizational Behavior (MGT502)

Due date: May 09, 2017

Topic: Job fit.

Marks 5, Word Limit: 100 words


Objective of the activity

To let the students identify the importance of ability Job fit in the given situation.

Learning outcomes

Students would be able to learn the importance of Ability-Job Fit of the employees and emphasizing and choosing on the right priorities for better organizational decisions.

The premise

Automotive industry in Germany is one of the largest employers in German economy. It is estimated that this industry employs more than 747,000 labor force. Apart from the large scale manufacturer like Audi, BMW, Ford, Volkswagen etc., there are many small scale automobile manufacturers operating in Germany.

One of these companies is APAL Motors. It is a German based company originally from Belgium. Major portion of its workforce is from other countries like Azerbaijan, Turkey, Latvia, Pakistan, Philippine, Moldova and some technical experts from the USA, and Belgium. Mr. Adrian HR executive of the company submitted a proposal about creating a best Ability-Job Fit for their diverse workforce of APAL motors. Policy development board call of a meeting for evaluation of this proposal. Mr. Paul chairman of the board was of the view that this Ability-Job Fit is not obligatory, what matters is the loyalty and motivation of the employee. Instead of Ability-Job Fit emphasis must be on enhancement of loyalty and motivation of their employee.

Point of Discussion

Discuss the effectiveness of the concept given by Mr. Paul and give logical reason that whether only motivation and loyalty of employee can be the replacement of Ability Job Fit.

Solution :

The Ability-Job Fit

1. Employee performance is enhanced when there is a high ability-job fit.

2. The specific intellectual or physical abilities required depend on the ability requirements of

the job. For example, pilots need strong spatial-visualization abilities.

3. Directing attention at only the employee’s abilities, or only the ability requirements of the

job, ignores the fact that employee performance depends on the interaction of the two.

4. When the fit is poor employees are likely to fail.

5. When the ability-job fit is out of sync because the employee has abilities that far exceed the

requirements of the job, performance is likely to be adequate, but there will be

organizational inefficiencies and possible declines in employee satisfaction.

6. Abilities significantly above those required can also reduce the employee’s job satisfaction